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Whitebox Hand Disinfection – a new solution that will save lives

By 9 November, 2023No Comments

Whitebox Hand Disinfection is a new solution that will make hospitals around the world safer. The product uses UV-light to disinfect hands – instead of traditional liquid disinfection methods. It’s highly effective against most pathogens regularly found in a hospital environment – and harmless to skin and eye tissue. Furthermore it’s easy to use and allows users to save time compared to current routines.

“We are convinced that Whitebox Hand Disinfection can be the complement or replacement to traditional disinfection based upon alcohol, chemicals or other toxic liquids, and that the solution has the capacity to reduce health care associated infections globally”, says Peter Karlstén, CEO of Whitebox.

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are a huge problem in hospitals around the world. They lead to a lot of suffering for the patients and are a heavy burden on the public health systems. Surveys shows that on average 20 percent of patients suffer from postoperative infections.

Satisfying hand hygiene is the most basic way to prevent health care-associated infections. One big problem with the situation today is that alcohol-based disinfection sanitizers only have 82 percent efficiency. Other problems are that liquid disinfection methods are time consuming – hand sanitization is used every 5-10 minutes by health care workers – and that 9 of 10 nurses suffer from skin irritations.

Whitebox Hand Disinfection is the solution to of all these problems. The product is also cost effective, since less chemicals are used in the disinfection process, and environmentally friendly.

“UV-light is proven highly effective against pathogens compare to other techniques and solves disinfection problems fast. Our product has a built in AI-function that secures that the hands are totally clean after each time you have used it”, says Peter Karlstén.

Whitebox is a senior team of entrepreneurs and inventors who designs and manufactures technologies aiming to save the lives of millions of people. The company exist to create pioneering disinfection solutions to solve some of the healthcare system’s oldest challenges.

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