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We exist to create pioneering disinfection solutions to solve some of the healthcare system’s oldest challenges.


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Challenge 82%



The efficiency of hand sanitizers on common viruses, pathogens and bacterias.

Challenge 20%



The average number of patients suffering from postoperative infections.

Challenge 9/10



Suffers from skin irritations due to use of alcohol-based disinfection products.

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UV-C Light
UV-C Light

UV-C light has proven to be a reliable and effective method for inactivating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Research and scientific studies have confirmed the ability of UV-C light to damage the DNA of microorganisms and prevent their reproduction in a variety of industries and environments.

UV-C light disinfects safely within seconds without use of chemicals which makes the technology user friendly and environmentally safe. All of Whitebox’s products and solutions utilizes proven UV-C technology to fight healthcare associated infections.

Whitebox products effectively removes microorganisms, bacteria and various viruses by as much as


Whitebox products effectively removes microorganisms, bacteria and various viruses by as much as


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“After getting confirmation of the Whitebox technology disinfection results, we installed their products in our infection control and critical rooms like ICU, OR and blood banks.”

Prof. Dr. Mona Wasfi

Head of Infection Control
Shifa Al Orman Hospital, Egypt*

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*1st international certified green hospital in the Middle East and Africa.

“The regular disinfection process using alcohol-based detergents is time consuming. With Whitebox we save time since the fully automatic disinfection process only takes 30 seconds and is gentle on the products.”

Ove Furberg

Technical Aid Central, Sweden

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“The staff have taken a big responsibility in developing the routines and use of the products. They use the disinfection box regularly with everything from cell phones, computer accessories, keys to hand controls”

Thommy Rönnholm

Group leader
Energy Company, Sweden

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24 June, 2024

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9 November, 2023

Whitebox Hand Disinfection – a new solution that will save lives

Whitebox Hand Disinfection is a new solution that will make hospitals around the world safer. The product uses UV-light to disinfect hands – instead of traditional liquid disinfection methods. It's…

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